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     Let me take you on a journey of adventure with fun & thrills at every corner. There will be suspense, mystery and a touch of magic. Accompanying us are our charmingly cute and fun characters that will warm your hearts. A glimpse into the character’s world, we get to see the challenges they face and how they overcome them through acts of courage, friendship, and love.

     Hi! My name is Jackie Ling. I am a freelance artist and illustrator based in Hamburg. I was born in Malaysia and then moved to New Zealand in my teens to further my education. I graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Accounting and Finance. After that, I took up a teaching profession as a Business English Trainer and moved to Germany delivering In-Company Training lessons in the Bavarian region.

     How I came to pursue a career in illustration? It was right after having moved to Hamburg with my husband that I discovered I could draw and inspire the imagination of my students. So, I started practising sketching people and places whenever I commuted to my next classroom. Eventually, my collection of drawings grew as well as my passion to better my skills.

     Nowadays my part-time profession as a bilingual early childhood educator provides me with the close-up look into the kid’s world. The children in return continue to inspire me to come up with colourful and fanciful characters. More formally I took up a course in Children’s Book Illustration with the London Art College and obtained a Diploma upon completion.

     Since I started working in this field I have completed private commissions, got published in online magazines, e.g. MAEZA, and undertook projects for company websites. Most of my illustration works are hand-illustrated in watercolour mediums, sometimes in gouache and a hint of colour pencil for textured shading. For the finishing touches on the linings, I use pen & ink and colour pencils.



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