Acrylic & Black Pitt Artist's Pen (292mm x 200mm) The longest illustration project I have ever worked on. This journey has taken me almost three months starting from the sketching board, then the draft board, followed by producing the templates, painting & glazing phase, the cut-out phase and finally ...oooh FI-NA-LLY the Stick-Them-On-To-The-Space-Page phase.  It's... Continue Reading →

Cap San Diego, Landungsbrücke, Hamburg

Cap San Diego, Landungsbrücke, Hamburg, a photo by JLing81 on Flickr. Watercolor & black Pitt pens in my Paperblanks-old leather journal. I had this done on the warmest day of the year. Temperature down at the Hamburg harbour rose up till 28 degrees. Whooh*

My Checklist

Little things to take along before heading out on a sketching trip in town. And of course not forgetting my hat, sunscreen SPF 30 & lots of water.

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