Sebastian’s Sink City

Sebastian's Sink City

Acrylic & Black Pitt Artist’s Pen (292mm x 200mm)

The longest illustration project I have ever worked on. This journey has taken me almost three months starting from the sketching board, then the draft board, followed by producing the templates, painting & glazing phase, the cut-out phase and finally …oooh FI-NA-LLY the Stick-Them-On-To-The-Space-Page phase.  It’s an illustration assignment that will be submitted for grading at the London Art College.

Apart from that I have reached my first milestone by entering ‘Sebastian’s Sink City’ for the LAC’s (London Art College) annual art competition 2013. It is my very first art competition and it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose, the important thing is I got it in before the deadline, 30th Sept. Woohoo! Wishing all other entrants the very best of luck!

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  1. Jackie, that is awesome!! Great job, and congrats on making it into the contest by the dealine…. good luck!!

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