Sketching in a Café

Another wonderful sunny spring weekend and a great opportunity to venture outside with the bicycle. The destination is Volksdorf, a small village situated in the northern part of Hamburg and every Saturday several markets are open including the farmer's market. The place was bustling with people and the cafès were filled with all sorts of characters.... Continue Reading →

May the Year of the Ram bring you good health, luck & happiness all way through.

Acrylic & Black Pitt Artist's Pen (292mm x 200mm) The longest illustration project I have ever worked on. This journey has taken me almost three months starting from the sketching board, then the draft board, followed by producing the templates, painting & glazing phase, the cut-out phase and finally ...oooh FI-NA-LLY the Stick-Them-On-To-The-Space-Page phase.  It's... Continue Reading →

My Checklist

Little things to take along before heading out on a sketching trip in town. And of course not forgetting my hat, sunscreen SPF 30 & lots of water.

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