Looking back at 2016: Inktober

Inktober, founded by Illustrator, Jake Parker, is so far one of the most exciting challenges that I have come across. The drawing challenge which restricts participants only having to use the pen & ink medium requires a lot of discipline and concentration. For 31 days in the month of October, everyone has to draw images... Continue Reading →

Looking Back at 2016: Maeza Magazine

     It was sheer luck when I stumbled across a small ad in Facebook "Call for Artist" on illustrating Bears posted by Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis sometime around March. Jelena & her partner Mark run a nonprofit online magazine titled, Maeza ( Teach yourself to Art) in Denmark, where they would invite artists & illustrators in contributing illustrations... Continue Reading →

   It has been quite an adventurous year for me, even when I have yet to update my blog since Easter (😗 Oops*). Just to give you some ideas of what have happened during this time and how my illustrations have taken me on various paths: Maeza Magazine 30-Day Portfolio Challenge Frankfurt Book Fair 2016... Continue Reading →

And now for something Urban

We are experiencing chilly autumn weather here in Hamburg and being surrounded with the golden foliages makes it quite enchanting to go for walks in the forest. However, it is certainly not ideal to sit for hours in the cold doing plein air sketching. Something I miss doing over the summer. Here's a piece I... Continue Reading →

Sketching in Planten un Blomen

Last Sunday, I met up with the Urban Sketchers Group ( Hamburg) organized by Thorsten Kleier at the 'Planten un Blomen' park which is located in the heart of Hamburg City. Fourteen sketching enthusiasts including myself ventured off in search for an interesting spot to sketch. Over the next two hours while we were busy... Continue Reading →

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