Looking Back at 2016: #the100daychallenge

The #the100daychallenge organized by @elleluna from Instagram, started out early this year in March. I told myself what better way to do some daily (or when I can) illustration practices over the next “100” days and have them posted out on Instagram.

I set up a theme titled #100lettertypeflorafauna. It was (and still is) not an easy topic that I had picked for myself to magically come up with new motives that fit the topic. Well, that is the point right, a Challenge! I had to look for several avenues to think up creatively with different motive ideas. Inspirational quotes, short lyrics from some music I was listening to, meditation, a bit of nature wandering, making pics of plants & flowers around me and then some more meditation.

Even though I only managed to come up with 29 motives for this year, it still means 71 more I have to conjure up  to add to the collection and 😌 (*deep breaths*) with no deadline is set for this challenge I would go on one of these days with any extra time I can find without pressure.😉


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