Looking Back at 2016: 30-Day Portfolio Challenge

Just a couple of months before my day trip to Frankfurt for the Book Fair, Johanna Fritz in Facebook set up a 30 Day Portfolio Challenge and invited all illustrators to take part as an exercise in understanding what it is like to receive a ‘Illustration Brief’ from a potential client and how we illustrators would tackle the projects.

So for every week in the month of July I received a project brief challenge and had to work on topics like: Illustrate a cover for the children book, come up with a pattern of the Italian Riviera, design a newborn greeting card and an editorial illustration for a craft magazine. All which were very interesting projects to work on. In the end, the ‘Fir Tree’ book cover along with the ‘Makigurumi’ editorial illustration became wonderful addition to my portfolio that I presented at the Book Fair in Frankfurt.


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