Sketching in Planten un Blomen

Last Sunday, I met up with the Urban Sketchers Group ( Hamburg) organized by Thorsten Kleier at the ‘Planten un Blomen’ park which is located in the heart of Hamburg City. Fourteen sketching enthusiasts including myself ventured off in search for an interesting spot to sketch. Over the next two hours while we were busy sketching and painting away, curious onlookers would stop to have a look at our sketches. Though we had sun and blue sky it was so windy it made painting with watercolor very unpleasant. I came up with two sketches (the 2nd was done after the event had ended).


 Nearing the end of our ‘sketching event’ we gathered under the pavilion and shared our sketches. It was interesting to see where each one had gone off to sketch.

Planten un Blomen, Japanese Garden, Pitt Pen & Watercolor.

Being that this was my first experience to sketch with the Urban Sketchers Group, I had a lot of fun and getting to know new faces. When I got home, I took out my two sketches and looked at them for a moment.

Planten un Blomen, Ink & Water-Soluble crayons.

 As much as I like what I have produced in such a short amount of time, I felt that more work was needed to make both pieces pop with stronger pen lines & color. And that I did. Now I can raise my legs and call it a day : ).

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  1. Within 2 hours you can produce such a beautiful piece of artwork, you are amazing, Jackie Ling. The 2nd piece will add bit of joy to our cozy home.

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