And now for something Urban

We are experiencing chilly autumn weather here in Hamburg and being surrounded with the golden foliages makes it quite enchanting to go for walks in the forest. However, it is certainly not ideal to sit for hours in the cold doing plein air sketching. Something I miss doing over the summer. Here’s a piece I would like to contribute for the #InkTober event.

Magellan Terrassen, Harbour City-Hamburg. Pen & Ink on Hahnemuehle Sketchbook.
That’s me all wrapped up sketching away. And a scarf I borrowed from Mona put around my face to protect me from getting sunburn. (Photo courtesy from Mona D.)

It is a sketch I did on Magellan-Terrasen during a warm cloud free day and it took me two sittings to complete the scene. On both occassions my friend, Mona, another fellow Urban Sketcher, accompanied me and she was so patient waiting for me while I completed the sketch.

On both days the temprature was around the mid-20s. So I was working on finishing the sketch in under four hours and at the same time trying not to get sizzled under the hot sun.

As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, last night I whipped out this sketch again and decided to put in colours with a ‘summerly’ feeling. A hopeful smile knowing that the warm season will come again.

Magellan Terrassen in Colour, Harbour City-Hamburg. Pen & Ink plus Watercolor on Hahnemuele Sketchbook.

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