Looking Back at 2016: Maeza Magazine

     It was sheer luck when I stumbled across a small ad in Facebook “Call for Artist” on illustrating Bears posted by Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis sometime around March. Jelena & her partner Mark run a nonprofit online magazine titled, MaezaTeach yourself to Art) in Denmark, where they would invite artists & illustrators in contributing illustrations or articles for their magazine.
     I got in touch with her and set out to illustrate a few bears for their Issue No.9#.  I was stoked when she contacted me after they published the issue online in April. I loved how my four illustrated bears turned out on page 12.


 I had so much fun doing this mini project that I was back again for their June Issue No.12#  on the topic of ‘Portraits & Faces’.

July and August was the height of the Rio Olympics 2016 and Jelena contacted me if I have the time to come up with a piece for their magazine’s gallery depicting the Rio Olympics 2016 for Maeza’s special coverage in Issue No.14#. Lucky enough while I was in the midst of preparing my portfolio for the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, I managed to find time to draw up something. So for their September/October Issue, I came up with this piece. I really liked the turnout of it that I added the ‘Rio Olympian Kids’ to my Illustration Portfolio.



It is the holidays now with Christmas just ended and a new year to come. I am thankful for the opportunities that Maeza has given me this year. And for the record, there will be snippets of my illustrations lining up for Maeza’s 2017.😺

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