Looking Back at 2016: Frankfurt Book Fair


Finally, the ‘Big’ day arrived. With my portfolio under my arm, biz cards & pamphlets readied, I walked into the huge hall where every square meter was being accommodated by publishing houses. The hall I was in was about the size of a football field and was catered only for the Children’s Book Illustration market, mainly in Europe.  Lots of renowned houses here crammed together under one ceiling from Coppenrath to Ravensburger. It was time for me to do some networking.



After a full day’s trip of walking pass so many publishing houses, it was truly overwhelming and fulfilling as well. I met several editors from publishing houses who showed interest after going through my portfolio. Some wanted to see more apart from what I already had in my portfolio and some provided a couple of ideas where my illustration style could fit with their upcoming program for the coming 2017. Which meant I got a long ‘to do’ list ahead of me, which also includes setting up my website. Time to get cracking!

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