Looking back at 2016: Inktober

Inktober, founded by Illustrator, Jake Parker, is so far one of the most exciting challenges that I have come across. The drawing challenge which restricts participants only having to use the pen & ink medium requires a lot of discipline and concentration. For 31 days in the month of October, everyone has to draw images or scenes every day with a list of prompter being provided at the site or to come up your own list (optional*).

I got to know Inktober last year through other social media platform and a few Youtube channels but had missed out on taking part in it. And I promised myself this year I will do it. And I did “Yay!” which I noted to myself that I use the list provided by the site (so less time spent in looking for ideas) and I don’t stress myself too much in completing 31 drawings in 31 days; at most do try to complete half of the list. When the 31st October rolled by, I flipped through my little sketch pad that I used for this drawing challenge and it felt good as if I had completed a half marathon.

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